Month: June 2013

Native Rhododendron in Bloom

A quick post to let you all know that the native rhododendron, Rhododendron maximum is now blooming. This is just the beginning stages of the blooming season here in Ohio, so the next few weeks should provide good viewing. The best shrub now in…

A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood…

A beautiful day with some beautiful new flowers in bloom. Here is this week’s list: SundropsSmooth PenstemonPurple Meadow RueWhite CloverWahoo (native)Ghost PipeOrange ButterflyweedElderberrySilky DogwoodSmartweedHonewortEnchanter’s Nightshade

Hiding in Plain Sight

Can you see the fawn?  See it now? During the first few weeks of life, a fawn uses its ability to be still and hide to avoid predators. Its heart rate and breathing will even slow down when someone or something comes too close….