Wildflower Bloom List

This is a list of species seen blooming at Wahkeena. We will update the list regularly throughout the season.  

Currently in Bloom

Updated: September 14, 2017

Tall Ironweed
Brown-eyed Susan
Orange Coneflower
Obedient Plant
Cardinal Flower
Great Blue Lobelia
Indian Tobacco
Arrow-leaved Tear-thumb
White Snakeroot
Autumn Coralroot
Naked-flowered Tick trefoil
Asiatic Dayflower
Spotted Touch-me-not
Pale Touch-me-not
Sweet-scented Water Lily
Mad-dog Skullcap
White Turtlehead
Green-headed coneflower
Hog Peanut
Late Goldenrod
White Wood Aster
Ditch Stonecrop
Beaked Agrimony
Smartweed sp.
Sweet Black-eyed Susan
Garden Phlox
Queen Anne’s Lace
Burr Marigold
Blue-stemmed Goldenrod
Calico Aster


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