Environmental Education


Quick Info:

  • For: Local Elementary Schools
    • Or an abbreviated program for scout/clubs/homeschool groups
  • Cost: FREE
  • Target Grades: 2 through 6
  • Time Spent at site: 3-4 hours
  • Scheduling: School field trips are scheduled for April & May or September & October. Homeschool, scout groups and clubs are scheduled year-round. 


Wahkeena’s day-long Nature Study program is hands on and inquiry based. Best suited for grades 2 through 6, The day is divided into three activities in which students explore Ohio’s native wildlife, a pond habitat teeming with life, and enjoy a discovery hike through several different kinds of terrestrial habitats.

Wahkeena’s dedication to small groups of students allows one-on-one interactions between our professional naturalists and the student. Teachers are continually surprised when normally quiet or academically challenged students “come alive” during the course of the day. All students benefit from the individual attention and are eager to ask and answer questions throughout the day.

Our school program has always been able to fulfill Ohio’s academic and learning standards. The program easily fits in with your curriculum and is a wonderful supplement to in class studies.

The Day’s Activities

Each class is split into smaller groups and divided among Wahkeena’s Naturalists. Each group will do the same activities throughout the day, but in different orders. The activities for each class are as followed:

Pond Study 

school group
Students investigating critters found in the pond 

Tadpoles, crayfish and bugs- oh my! Often their favorite activity, students use dip nets to find out just what kinds of creatures make their home in a pond. Students are always surprised at what they find, and what they don’t find.


Discovery Hike

Students and parents learn about two local raptors on a discovery hike

“What is that? Who left that track? Who lives here?” These are just a few of the questions students ask as they explore the trails at Wahkeena. When taking a discovery hike, you never know what you might discover!


Explore the Nature Center

Wahkeena’s Nature Center

Live education animals, a ‘touch table,’ an observation beehive, and an extensive collection of taxidermied animals make the Nature Center a hit with students. The highlight of the day comes with the opportunity to touch and hold a live Gray (Black) Rat Snake!


Contact us to receive more information, or email Wahkeena@att.net