Wahkeena has 33 different species of ferns. The majority of these can be observed from the trail system, especially the Shelter Trail. Ferns are ancient plants dating back to around 300 million years ago! At that time ferns were huge tree-like plants and dominated the landscape. In fact, we can thank those ferns for much of our electricity today. Why? Those plants over time became coal, which in Ohio, is our main source of electricity!

Fronds of Wahkeena: 

Common NameScientific Name
Water CloverMarsilia quadrifolia
Grape FernBotrychium dissectum
Rattlesnake FernBotrychium virgnianum
Daisy-leaved Grape FernBotrychium matricarifolium
Cinnamon FernOsmunda cinnamomea
Interrupted FernOsmunda claytonia
Royal FernOsmunda regalis
Northern Maidenhair FernAdiantum pedatum
Lobed SpleenwortAsplenium pinnatifidum
Ebony SpleenwortAsplenium platyneuron
Maidenhair SpleenwortAsplenium trichomas
New York FernThelypteris noveborecensis
Marginal FernDryopteris marginalis
Broad Beech FernPhegopteris hexagonaptera
Hay-scented FernDennstaedia punctilobula
Mackay’s Fragile FernCystopteris tenuis
Fragile FernCystopteris fragilis
Bulblet FernCystopteris bulbifera
Silvery SpeenwortDeparia acrostichoides
Lady FernAthyrium filis-femina
Intermediate Wood FernDryopteris intermedia
Wood FernDryopteris Carthusiana
Sensitive FernOnoclea sensibilis
Common PolypodyPolypodium virginianum
Christmas Fern Polystichum acrostichoides
Ostrich FernMatteuccia struthiopteris
Bracken FernPteridium aquilinum
Blunt-lobed WoodsiaWoodsia Obtusa
Appalachian gametophyteAppalachian gametophyte
Walking FernAsplenium rhizophyllum
Southern Adder’s Tongue FernOphioglossum vulgatum
Netted Chain FernWoodwardia areolata
Common Name Scientific Name

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