Guided Programs

A quick word on our guided walks and other programs. At the very bottom of the page you’ll see a list of upcoming programs. I have this set up so the next 8 programs will be listed. There are a couple of errors with this, and I have no idea why they are occurring or how to fix it. So here is the info you need to know.

1. All of our Discovery Walks start at 1:00pm. They usually last an hour and a half to two hours.

2. The upcoming Reptile Workshop starts at 11:00am and goes until 3:00pm. For this program you can bring a sack lunch with you.

3. “Nature’s Bug Zappers”, a program all about bats, is in the evening from 6:00pm until 8:00pm.

4. Our programs are in 2010 and 2011, not 3910 and 3911. (obviously)

As always if you have any questions, you can call us!

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