Bat’s in our Belfry

A quick reminder that we have a GREAT program coming up on Saturday, all about BATS! We have a guest speaker coming in from the Wayne National Forest, Katrina Schultes, to tell us everything we’ve ever wanted to know and more. I love talking to her about bats not only because she is so knowledgeable, but because she is so passionate about them. She makes bat stuff so fun! If any of you are regular attendees to the Wildlife Diversity Conference each March in Columbus, you may have heard her speak a couple years ago on red bats.

So the fun starts at 6:00pm this Saturday, September 18th at the Nature Center. We do need to have an idea of who is coming out, so please call or email us to register for the program. The phone number is 800-297-1883. You can email us at Just make sure you put “bat program” in the subject line.

See you Saturday!

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