Fungus Among-us? You’re a fun-guy!

Everybody knows these bad puns about fungi, but did you know that the fall season is the best time to see it?

Most folks seem to know about morels (or just ‘mushrooms’ as many people say), and consequently think that spring is the best time. A quick aside here: if you come out in the spring and ask me if we have any mushrooms, I will always play dumb on that one! “We have lots of different species of mushrooms,” will be my reply. I know that folks are asking specifically about morels. As always though, we tend to answer the exact question you ask. For example, Q: “Do you what flower this is?”   A: “Yes.” If you want to know what the flower is called, you have to ask just that!  🙂

Anyway, as I said fall is a great time for fungus. We have moderate temperatures and just the right amount of moisture. It is said that there are as many colors of fungus as there are wildflowers! Wow! I’ve been collecting photos of some of the fungus from around here for the past couple of weeks, and while I don’t have a huge variety of colors, it is still impressive to see how many different kinds I found.

As for ID, fungus is difficult. I will not even be attempting to put names to any of these pics. Sometimes one even needs to see that spore print the mushroom makes to ID down to species.

Before we get on with the pictures, I’ll leave you with a common fungus saying…
“There are old mushroom hunters and there are bold mushroom hunters, but there are no old, bold mushroom hunters!”

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