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Naturalist Notes- A Trembling of Finches

Just as their name implies, Pine Siskins feed on seeds from pines and other conifers. This finch ranges erratically across North America, common in Ohio one winter, then completely absent the next. Watch (and listen) for large flocks of Siskins feeding in conifers, or… Continue Reading “Naturalist Notes- A Trembling of Finches”

Naturalist Notes- You Make My Head Spin!

Hey Valentine! You make my head spin! The Eastern screech is one of Ohio’s most common owls. Heavily reliant on nesting cavities, any habitat with plenty of trees is likely to contain one of these inconspicuous owls. Around this time of year, late February,… Continue Reading “Naturalist Notes- You Make My Head Spin!”

Captured on the Trail Cam

Earlier this summer, Wahkeena’s staff partnered with a grad student from Ohio University who was collecting data on bobcat DNA, and their population numbers in Southeastern Ohio. Although several bobcat sightings have been reported nearby, we have never confirmed a sighting here at Wahkeena.… Continue Reading “Captured on the Trail Cam”

Hey…what’s that white stuff?

The predicted 1-2 inch snow has become 5 inches and counting. This morning saw white-out conditions with visibility at a couple of feet!

A Day in the Life…Part 52

It is December 31, 2015 and we have come almost full circle. The picture below first appeared in Part 1 and shows Lake Odonata completely frozen over as we began 2015. At home the wood stove had been burning non-stop for over a month.… Continue Reading “A Day in the Life…Part 52”

A Carmen Warner’s Christmas

Dr. Frank Warner and Carmen Hambleton Warner Twelve Days of ChristmasThe Wahkeena Version   On the first day of Christmas  my true love gave to me: an old farm in Fairfield County

A Day in the Life…Part 51

Winter came back this week with cold and snow flurries. Saturday night two Great Horned owls were really hooting it up in the pine woods just a short distance from the nature center. It’s the beginning of their mating season again. On Thursday, Nora… Continue Reading “A Day in the Life…Part 51”

A Day in the Life…Part 50

Well, as I stated in the last post lots of time spent pulling invasive euonymus, but also taking advantage of the good weather to do needed home repairs. Yesterday afternoon, while walking back from a euonymus pick Nora spotted something in the pond. But… Continue Reading “A Day in the Life…Part 50”

A Day in the Life…Part 48… and 49

OK, so there is/was no Part 48.  What happened? Oh, the usual… Thanksgiving holiday festivities, home repairs, backed up sewer line at work….you know the usual. Meanwhile back at the preserve….

A Day in the Life…Part 47

It’s been another pretty quiet week around the nature center…