The beast has been unleashed!

I said this to Tom the other day when it looked like there might be some salamander activity that night. For me at my house, “the beast” – I mean spring – got loose last weekend. I live in Hocking County and although I’m only a half and hour away from Wahkeena, I’m a little warmer and sunnier than the preserve. So, sometimes spring stuff happens here first. Last weekend with the previous big rain storm, my pond hosted a big salamander blowout. I had Jeffersons and Spotteds as well as a few red-spotted newts who made an appearance. Spring peepers began the pilgrimage to the pond as well. I think there were as many on the house as there were in the pond! Since that day (and night), there has been no stopping this first wave of springtime excitement. Every night since, the peepers have been peeping. Chickadees and Song Sparrows have been singing their love songs, and some Bluebirds have been checking out the bluebird box. But today, to me at least, proves that there really is no stopping it once it gets started. Today, I’m listening to some spring peepers – albeit peeping slowly – and looking at a fresh coating of SNOW.

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