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Time flies…

As per usual, spring is getting ahead of me! I have a few more blooms to share with you, but there are probably a few more. I haven’t had time to walk the trails yet this week. There are a lot more birds back… Continue Reading “Time flies…”

The beast has been unleashed!

I said this to Tom the other day when it looked like there might be some salamander activity that night. For me at my house, “the beast” – I mean spring – got loose last weekend. I live in Hocking County and although I’m… Continue Reading “The beast has been unleashed!”

Blooms and Birds

This warm weather has made the wildflowers explode. Some things are pretty early. We haven’t had much of a chance to do any serious birding, but I’ve included what we know of so far. Blooms:BloodrootCommon Blue VioletYellow VioletCelendine PoppyConfederate VioletSpring BeautiesDutchman’s BreechesSquirrel CornRedbudServiceberryRue AnemoneHepaticaVirginia… Continue Reading “Blooms and Birds”

Spring is springing!

What a treat it has been having all this warm weather! Things are greening up and popping out every which way you look. Bloodroot has been out for over a week now, and there are Cut-leaved Toothwort blooms out on the Cassa Burro trail.… Continue Reading “Spring is springing!”

Mistakes and Mysteries

Ack! I know that the previous post said the off-trail hike was in April. That was not right! It’s in March of course, spring starts in March. I have fixed that. Also, I am aware that the calendar is not at the bottom of… Continue Reading “Mistakes and Mysteries”

Calendar Update

Have you been wishing for spring to get here? I know I am looking forward to it a lot more than in years past. Maybe this will help or maybe it will just make things worse, I don’t know! I hope it helps! I’ve… Continue Reading “Calendar Update”

April showers brought LOTS of flowers!

Spring is definitely in full swing now. There are tons of wildflowers in bloom, too many to list here, although I will mention a few. Showy orchis is just beginning to bloom. I know today is Sunday, and we will be closed for the… Continue Reading “April showers brought LOTS of flowers!”

Welcome to Wahkeena

Welcome to the Wahkeena blog! I meant to have the first post before opening weekend (April 4, 5), but time flies when you’re having fun! And we have a lot of fun here at Wahkeena. Sometimes too much fun! Spring is in full swing.… Continue Reading “Welcome to Wahkeena”