April showers brought LOTS of flowers!

Spring is definitely in full swing now. There are tons of wildflowers in bloom, too many to list here, although I will mention a few. Showy orchis is just beginning to bloom. I know today is Sunday, and we will be closed for the next two days, as usual, but you will be able to see it all next week for sure. This year seems to be a great year for Jack-in-the-pulpits. They seem to be popping up everywhere! Also, the Wild geranium is beginning to show its flowers.

This morning Tom and I did some birding. There are so many birds back now, it’s crazy! I got my first look at a Yellow-throated warbler – so beautiful! One of the Scarlet tanagers also let me look at him. I don’t think I could ever get tired of looking at that bird! So here is the list of new birds that we have seen/heard since I posted the last list:
Yellow-throated warbler
Black-throated green warbler
Black and white warbler
Hooded warbler
Green Heron
Solitary sandpipers
American Bittern
White-eyed vireo
Scarlet tanager
Rose-breasted grosbeak
Blue-gray gnatcatcher
Gray catbird
Chipping sparrow
and various other birds yet to be identified!

Also, the Pine siskens are still here as well as at least one red-breasted nuthatch. And, the goslings are out and about now.

Happy birding!

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