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Final Flowers

Fall is the time when we focus on the changing leaves and all the beautiful colors that are revealed as the trees stop making their own food. But for a little while longer, we can still enjoy some very hardy and equally beautiful fall… Continue Reading “Final Flowers”

Tree Carnage

Well, another month has flown by. I can’t say I walked the trails much. Partly because it has just been too darned hot, and partly because I was on vacation! This week is really nice though, yes? I did take a stroll this past… Continue Reading “Tree Carnage”

Procrastination is my middle name…

Combine that with lots of other stuff happening, and you get a whole month that has flown by without a posting! So sorry! To make up for it here are a bunch of pictures from the last month or so with little tidbits to… Continue Reading “Procrastination is my middle name…”

Pink Lady’s Slipper!

What an exciting week it’s been so far. This warmer weather has finally brought out some really cool insects. I’ve also noticed lots of galls on different plants, and it’s been great frog and turtle weather! My school groups the past two days have… Continue Reading “Pink Lady’s Slipper!”

Time flies…

As per usual, spring is getting ahead of me! I have a few more blooms to share with you, but there are probably a few more. I haven’t had time to walk the trails yet this week. There are a lot more birds back… Continue Reading “Time flies…”

Can you find the Rainbow?

It’s been a couple of weeks since we last chatted, but you’ll have to forgive me as I was on vacation. I’m going to cut right to the chase here. There are a ba-zillion butterflies out there and tons of summer wildflowers in bloom.… Continue Reading “Can you find the Rainbow?”


There are rattlesnakes out there….Downy Rattlesnake Plantain that is! Yep, our next orchid has just started to bloom. There are many flower stalks out there this year, but we have an especially nice “forest” of flower stalks marked along the Shelter Trail. Like many… Continue Reading “Rattlesnakes!”

A Nature Walk

Sometimes you just want to hike. Go fast. Just be outside. There are other times when you have to force yourself to slow down and look at what’s around you. That’s what I did yesterday. I hadn’t been out on the trails in a… Continue Reading “A Nature Walk”

Blooms and Birds

This warm weather has made the wildflowers explode. Some things are pretty early. We haven’t had much of a chance to do any serious birding, but I’ve included what we know of so far. Blooms:BloodrootCommon Blue VioletYellow VioletCelendine PoppyConfederate VioletSpring BeautiesDutchman’s BreechesSquirrel CornRedbudServiceberryRue AnemoneHepaticaVirginia… Continue Reading “Blooms and Birds”

Spring is springing!

What a treat it has been having all this warm weather! Things are greening up and popping out every which way you look. Bloodroot has been out for over a week now, and there are Cut-leaved Toothwort blooms out on the Cassa Burro trail.… Continue Reading “Spring is springing!”