Pink Lady’s Slipper!

What an exciting week it’s been so far. This warmer weather has finally brought out some really cool insects. I’ve also noticed lots of galls on different plants, and it’s been great frog and turtle weather! My school groups the past two days have seen tons of Green and Bull frogs. We have another population of toads singing today. They are over by the hawk and owl.

For me there has been a very exciting event that happened just today. A Luna moth eclosed from his cocoon!

Last fall I found two mature caterpillars and they eventually spun their cocoons. Now this one appears to be a male due to the very large antenna. (He uses these to smell his mate, even if she is far away.) I have one more cocoon that I’m really hoping will be a female. (That way I can get eggs and raise the caterpillars.)

The other exciting thing happening here is a pair of Summer Tanagers visiting at the feeders! They are more visible on cooler mornings, and you can see them so closely through the windows! If I recall, I put up a picture of the male last year, but now I have pictures of both the male and female. Aren’t they just awesome!?

Also, we have two of our favorite flowers now in bloom. The Pink Lady’s Slipper and the Flame Azalea! Sadly, there are only a few blooms of the orchid this year, but there are a few next to the trail which will provide for some good photo ops.

Here are a few more flowers in bloom:

Indian Cucumber Root
Sweet Cicely
Canada Mayflower
Pinxter Azalea

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