Water, Water, Everywhere…

It was really nice to be out in the sunshine today. I took some time to check on what’s in bloom, and listened to the myriad of birds singing. The Showy Orchis is still looking great, and is all over the Casa Burro Trail. There are lots of plants that can be seen from the trail. I took this pic of the Dwarf Crested Iris the other day. These guys don’t last very long, but there are still a few buds on other plants.

Without further ado…

Dwarf Crested Iris
Mountain Azalea
Creeping Phlox
Solomon’s Seal
Canada Violet
Three-lobed Violet
Black Jetbead
Swamp Buttercup

2 Comments on “Water, Water, Everywhere…

  1. I imagine the preserve is a little soggy with all of this rain we have been having. I hope it stops soon because I have been wanting to get back up for a visit in the spring. The irises are beautiful.

  2. The trails really aren't too bad. The worst place is out by the study pond where we catch macros with our school groups. It's a mud pit out there!

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