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When will it bloom?

Ah, a common question we get, especially in the spring. The answer is usually fairly elusive. It’s been really hard to answer this year. There are things blooming that usually wouldn’t until next month, and other things that seem to be right on time.… Continue Reading “When will it bloom?”

Is the Orchid Season Done?

Our last orchid of the season is in bloom now. This is Late Coralroot Corallorhiza odontorhiza. This very nice specimen I photographed on the way up to the prairie. (That’s on the non-public side of the preserve.) There are several coralroot orchids and they… Continue Reading “Is the Orchid Season Done?”

Orchid Fever

Okay, so I tried multiple times yesterday to post this and it would go. Delays, delays, but you should still be able to catch this guy next week. Here is what I originally wrote: Twayblade Orchid is in full, beautiful bloom this weekend! Sorry… Continue Reading “Orchid Fever”

Pink Lady’s Slipper!

What an exciting week it’s been so far. This warmer weather has finally brought out some really cool insects. I’ve also noticed lots of galls on different plants, and it’s been great frog and turtle weather! My school groups the past two days have… Continue Reading “Pink Lady’s Slipper!”

Coral in the Woods?

We’ve got another orchid in bloom for all you orchid connoisseurs out there. Tom found Late Coral Root today. It has just popped up, and only has one open bloom so far. And since this is at the end of the day on Sunday,… Continue Reading “Coral in the Woods?”


There are rattlesnakes out there….Downy Rattlesnake Plantain that is! Yep, our next orchid has just started to bloom. There are many flower stalks out there this year, but we have an especially nice “forest” of flower stalks marked along the Shelter Trail. Like many… Continue Reading “Rattlesnakes!”