Orchid Fever

Okay, so I tried multiple times yesterday to post this and it would go. Delays, delays, but you should still be able to catch this guy next week. Here is what I originally wrote:

Twayblade Orchid is in full, beautiful bloom this weekend! Sorry about the late post, but it’s also Cecropia moth mating time. I’m hoping to get some pics posted later this week.

Back to the orchid… we have two very nice blooms right along the trail. One is along the Casa Burro and the other is along the Shelter trail. So a couple of great options to see this one.

Also of note, the past couple of days there have been a couple of species of fly catchers calling profusely. The Great Crested and the Acadian. Oh, and the Cuckoos have been making their presence known too.

Yea Nature!

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