When will it bloom?

Ah, a common question we get, especially in the spring. The answer is usually fairly elusive. It’s been really hard to answer this year. There are things blooming that usually wouldn’t until next month, and other things that seem to be right on time. Then there are some unusual things you wouldn’t normally see at the same time. For example, today you could admire some Daffodil blooms then go a check out some Firepink! Crazy!

The real burning question for lots of folks this time of year is: When will the orchids bloom? The first to bloom will be the Showy Orchis followed by the Pink Lady Slipper, then Puttyroot and Twayblade. These will encompass the spring season. Luck for you, the Showy Orchis is just now starting to bloom. Unless we get some super hot temps. you should have plenty of time to see this guy. If you come out this weekend, it will be pretty new and on most of the plants, I think the blooms might not be quite full.

PLS leaves are up, and there are lots of new flowers in bloom. The cooler temps have also preserved and slowed things down for some of the others that have already bloomed. The Wild Blue Phlox looks spectacular this year, and its counterpart, Creeping Phlox is also very nice. I also feel like there is much more in the way of blooming trilliums, especially along the Casa Burro trail.

Well, I’ll leave you with the new list, and hope to see you out here sometime soon!

Red Trillium
Foam Flower
Greek Valerian
Bishop’s Cap
Strawberry bush Calacanthus floridus
Dog Violet
Northern White Violet
Violet Wood Sorrel
Showy Orchis

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