Spring is springing!

What a treat it has been having all this warm weather! Things are greening up and popping out every which way you look. Bloodroot has been out for over a week now, and there are Cut-leaved Toothwort blooms out on the Cassa Burro trail. Spring Beauties are out of course, and there should be Rue Anemone in bloom soon. All the daffodils we have are really looking good. There is also another cultivated bulb called Glory of the Snow in bloom. It has got to be one of my favorites.

Turtles have been out sunning themselves, and today we have been hearing toads trilling! There are lots of salamander egg masses in the frog ponds, and the wood frog egg masses have already hatched! The Louisiana Waterthrush is back. There will be more to come, but so far I’ve only heard the one.

Just in case the warm weather has melted away your winter memories, here is a picture of where we were just a few short weeks ago!

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