Calendar Update

Have you been wishing for spring to get here? I know I am looking forward to it a lot more than in years past. Maybe this will help or maybe it will just make things worse, I don’t know! I hope it helps! I’ve posted the Spring Schedule on the calendar. We have plenty of opportunities for wildflower walks and of course a fern “frolic”. (don’t worry, no one actually has to frolic!)

We also have a new program to offer you! As some of you know, we did not have any winter off-trail hike this year. (and even if we had scheduled them, the snow probably would have prevented them from actually happening.) So, we are going to have a SPRING off-trail hike! Better yet, it’s on the Vernal Equinox so we call all celebrate the official start of the season! So mark your calendar for March 20th at 1:00pm. Don’t forget to call and sign up for the hike because there are limited spaces available. Also, if you haven’t been out to the preserve before and/or on one of our off-trail hikes, you need to know the terrain is very steep and rugged. It is important that you be in good physical condition and wear appropriate shoes.

Tom and I are looking forward to seeing everyone this spring! Don’t be a stranger!

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