Out of the mouths of babes…

So here is a brief glimpse into our world. We do a lot of programming with children. Here are some things that we hear. Enjoy!

Look! A kitty!

Nature is cool and gross.

Look! a kitty!

Don’t poke the millipede.

Look! A kitty!

You can taste a daddy long-legs. It tastes like watermelon.

Look! A kitty!

Fly eggs are like 3 feet tall.

Look! A kitty!

I hope I turn into an aphid tomorrow!

Look! A kitty!

Rule #1: Don’t poop or pee on nature.

Look! A kitty!

I don’t think he has a future. (in reference to a dead beaver.)

Look! A kitty!

That looks like a kangaroo, only smaller and foxier. (said while looking at a fox)

Look! A kitty!

…but the monkey bars don’t hold onto us!

Look! A monkey!

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