Patience My Young Padawan….

I couldn’t resist the Star Wars reference because I keep having to tell myself to have some patience waiting for warm temperatures and more flowers. I only have two more flowers to add to the list of bloomers – Coltsfoot and Glory of the Snow which is a cultivated bulb.

Today though, the pond turtles are enjoying the sunshine by basking on logs out in the big pond and the Spring Peepers in the wetland are “peeping” away.

We had a big pine tree go down at the end of the boardwalk a few days ago. The landscape of the wetland area has a new look with the top of that tree “sprouting” up from the water. Tom is diligently working to fix the transition at the end of the boardwalk to make it passable again.

While we are still waiting for the main body of our migratory birds to come back, I did hear a Black-throated Green Warbler for several morning this past week. He seemed quite early, so I had to double check that I had the species right for the song I was hearing! I’m looking forward to the Yellow-throated Warblers and Louisiana Waterthrushes that also make earlier comebacks.

Today, let’s just enjoy the sunshine and warmer temperatures and continue to look forward to our spring wildflowers and songbirds!

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