Basking Anyone?

Although we missed out on clear skies today, the sun could still be felt. Especially by our cold-blooded friends. Turtles galore, water snakes, and tons of frogs were basking on logs, the shore and partly in the water today. Soaking up the sun’s warmth is a sure sign of spring.

Birds continue to make their way north. Some are just passing through like the Solitary Sandpiper we saw today, and some are arrive here to nest. Just this morning I heard my first (of the year) Northern Parula and I’m also fairly certain I heard a Pine Warbler. The Green Heron was sighted today too!

Several new flowers are in bloom too. Remember, the lists for flowers I post are what is newly in bloom. Previously posted flowers may still be in bloom as well. In the next couple of weeks I’ll have an update on everything that is in flower – new or old. Okay, here is the latest list!

Large Flowered Trillium
Large Flowered Bellwort
Golden Ragwort
Virginia Bluebells
Pale Violet
Wild Blue Phlox
Celendine Poppy

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