Azaleas and Orchids 2013

Hey gang, the Flame Azaleas are in bloom! They are looking gorgeous as usual and nice and orange-y.

Also, I have an orchid update for you. Sadly, there will be no Pink Lady Slipper blooms for your viewing pleasure this year. I know, it is disappointing  This just seems to be a resting year for all of our populations. Clear Creek is probably the closest place that also has these guys. On a happier note, a flower stalk has arisen from the Puttyroot leaf that was mentioned in the winter orchids post. It is in bloom now. Yes, a little early perhaps, but that’s okay because it will make up for (sort of) the lack of PLS blooms. There should still be Showy Orchis in bloom (it’s Wed. morning so I haven’t checked on it for this week yet) and we will look forward to the next native orchid to bloom which will be Twayblade.

Keep an eye out for the next “in bloom” list!

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