Flower Mania

That’s what spring always is. Just a race to try and enjoy the spring wildflowers before they fade. As we progress into summer, things become a little longer lasting and we don’t have to hurry as much to see our favorite blooms. We are also entering the time when we have many kinds of flowering shrubs in bloom. These are nice too – they tend to be closer to your face so you don’t have to bend down as much!

Next week we will see our last school group for the spring season. I am hopeful that with some more time freed up I will be able to provide you with a post that has a little more “meat” to it. So stay tuned.

To conclude this week’s post here is the new list of flowers and a few pics to go with. Have a safe and enjoyable holiday weekend!

Yellow Iris
Blue-eyed grass
Mock Orange
Multiflora Rose
Rhododendron (cultivated)
Day Lily
Hawkweed spp.
Rattlesnake Weed
Twayblade Orchid
Shasta Daisy
Foxglove (cultivated)
American Holly
Arrowwood Viburnum
Black Raspberry
Hop Tree
Sweet Scented Waterlily

Yellow Iris

Ohio Spiderwort


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