2013 Rock Mill Celebration

It’s that time again, time for the Rock Mill Celebration! Join us on September 7 and 8, for history, music, food, arts and more! This year’s highlight will be water going over the wheel! If you haven’t been out to Rock Mill before, what a great time to experience this very cool park. The mill was built in 1824 and nearly lost to neglect. But now restored with the recreated 26-foot water wheel in place, it’s time to see this baby turn!
Wahkeena will be there of course! Come check out our interpretive display on the fur bearers of the mid 1800’s. Interpreters will be on hand to help you discover the mammals of that time. We’ll have furs and skulls to explore! Right next door to that will be the Wahkeena Book Store! Oh, and you can get your Birch Beer fix too. There will be plenty of ice, cold, soda-y goodness to enjoy.
Hope to see you out there!

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