Why the Great Horned Owl of course! These magnificent birds are the earliest nesters in Ohio and right now, we are in the peak of courtship. Here is the link to various Great Horned Owl calls at Cornell’s All About Birds site. By the end of January and first part of February, females will be on the nest incubating eggs. It will take just over a month for the eggs to hatch and then its time to fill hungry bellies! The male has already been hunting and providing food for the nest bound female and he continues to do most of the hunting for the young. Anything he can catch is fair game! Rodents, birds, and rabbits are common prey items but even skunks are on the menu!

Great Horned Owls are very common in Ohio but do like to have forested areas nearby. These owls are typically nocturnal so why not step outside one night and take a listen?

Whooo knows what you might hear??

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