New Arrivals

Things are moving right along and I have a new list of birds and blooms for you! First, lets have some fun pictures of the colorful things in bloom right now. 

Bloodroot is one of our earliest spring wildflowers. It seem to pop out of the ground on a warm sunny day. These beauties only last a day or two and only open to the sun. We have several populations growing in a couple of different micro climates which extends the time we can see them. How lucky for us!

Coltsfoot is not a native wildflower, but is a welcome site nonetheless. Its bright, sunny face lines roadways and other disturbed areas bringing us some much needed cheer after a long winter.

Common blue violet is loved and hated by many. An aggressive seeder it can invade a lawn area quickly. Okay by me but not to others who prefer a grass only lawn. For me, the sea of purple when these guys bloom is a beautiful site.

Confederate violet is a cultivated variety that only grows around the Nature Center. It has a large bloom and is a reliably early bloomer.

One of the little flowers that will bring a blush of blue to the yard areas is really captivating up close. You can see some of the dark veining that can help guide pollinators to the good at the center of the flower.

For those of you who saw last week’s post with the just opened spicebush flower, here is one fully opened.  A bunch of these shrubs in bloom can have look like a mist of yellow-green in the woods. A really cool sight.

Finally, a delicate looking Rue Anemone greets us along the Casa Burro Trail. They are actually very hardy and tend to be in bloom for a while. The slightest breeze will make them quiver giving rise to another common name, Wind Flower.
Okay, here’s your latest list!
Common Blue Violet
Confederate Violet
Speedwell sp.
Rue Anemone
Spring Beauty
Yellow-throated Warbler
Chipping Sparrow

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