Awesome Azaleas

It’s Azalea blooming time. I’m a touch late on getting this posted, but you should still have time to see these guys. Don’t wait much past this week though!
So, let’s get right to it. There are several Azaleas is bloom ranging from an almost white to dark pink color. Also in the pink color are the cultivated Rhododendrons. They are looking quite spectacular right now. Most notably however are the Flame Azaleas. These beautiful shrubs have a bloom color that ranges from light orange to a deep reddish-orange. Very striking. Let’s take a look at a couple of pics!

 The ever beautiful Flame Azalea
and again!
one more time!
A darker pink Azalea
 An almost white Azalea
The magenta colored cultivated Rhododendron. (Reminder: the native ones won’t bloom until the last part of June/first part of July)
Other new flowers in bloom include:
Yellow Iris
Canada Mayflower

*Edit 5/23/14
Hawkweed sp.
Shasta Daisy
Speedwell sp.

And remember, you can still see Showy Orchis, Pink Lady’s Slipper, and Puttyroot Orchids in bloom this week!

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