A Small, Green, Orchid

Our next orchid in bloom is not one I have been able to share with you before. There are a couple of reasons. One, the place where is grows has been too far off the trail to have visitors take a look at it. Also, it is so small that until this year I was unable to photograph it. Now, we have the wonderful 100mm macro lens for our camera and the part of the Casa Burro trail that was moved got us closer to the orchids. Yea! So, what orchid are we talking about?

Adder’s Mouth Orchid, Malaxis unifolia. This orchid is very small, very green, and very hard to see. And, like many of our native orchids, if you’re not really into them, you may find it hard to appreciate this one!

They have just started to bloom, so you should have some time to see them. Just ask one of us Naturalists for directions on where to find them. 

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