Orchid #6

Our sixth orchid to bloom (actually 7th, but I didn’t find the Ragged Fringed until too late, plus they were off-trail) is Club-spur Orchid, Platanthera clavellata! This small greenish woodland orchid is so hard to find until it blooms. Well, even then it is a bit of a challenge! This is another of what I call the “stick-your-face-in-them” orchids. It’s really a very attractive flower with a slight twist to it, but you really need to look closely at it. 

This year, there are several stalks right next to the trail and they have only just started to bloom. Actually, as of this writing there is only one blooming, but we will be flagging the others as they begin to bloom as well. 
As usual, just ask one of us naturalists to point you in the right direction if you would like to take a look at this neat plant.

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