Favorite Photos Part 2

Hope you enjoyed Part I of my favorite photos! Here is Part 2. This is a combination of the Summer and Fall seasons.

 Adder’s Mouth Orchid

 a foggy Lake Odonata


 Monarch butterfly on Purple Coneflower

 Orange Coneflower


 Lake Odonata in summer

Monarch butterfly on asters


 Tiger Swallowtail butterfly

 another Tiger Swallowtail butterfly

 a skipper on Obedient Plant

 a Bowl and Doily spiderweb

 Cardinal Flower

 grasshopper on Purple Coneflower


 Turbulent Phosphila caterpillars

 early fall at Lake Odonata

 pink Swamp Rose Mallow

 Halictid Bee on Orange Milkweed

 Golden Ragwort and Wild Blue Phlox

 Autumn Coralroot

 Skimming Bluet damselfly

 Aphrodite Frittillary butterfly on Monarda

 Club-spur Orchid


 Weevil on Cranefly Orchid

 red Swamp Rose Mallow

Silvery Checkerspot butterfly

 Twayblade Orchid

 Great Laurel Rhododendron

 Silvery Checkerspot butterfly

Climbing Rose

One Comment on “Favorite Photos Part 2

  1. Robyn – these are beautiful! Thanks so much for sharing!
    Donna & Sharon (your friends from Athens)


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