In Memorium

It is with deep sadden that we at Wahkeena Nature Preserve acknowledge the passing of a truly GREAT naturalist and FRIEND, Dennis Profant. Dennis was an instructor at Hocking College in the School of Natural Resources.

1956 – 2015

I echo the sentiments that Jim McCormac so eloquently posted in his blog. Not only was Dennis the consummate teacher, but also a life long learner. There was always something that Dennis wanted to learn more about. And although his knowledge was vast, he understood that there was always more to the mysteries of the natural world around us. Dennis had a great sense of humor as well and we would often share a pun or two or three whenever we met. He was one of the people I always made a point to see on my visits to the college. I knew I would glean some new morsel of natural history with each visit. Over the years, Dennis made multiple visits to Wahkeena to learn more about ferns, photograph a new orchid and especially to observe and collect moths. Some of my most treasured memories with Dennis were when we would take a break from the moth sheets and enjoy some hand- crafted wine on the back porch. Simple put, Dennis was a really great guy. Fortunately he will live on in the form of all the students he has mentored over the last 25+ years, including many Wahkeena interns.  And for me, he will live on in the Tulip Tree silkmoth, the Rosy Maple moth, his beloved slug moths and everyone of those dag gone little brown ones, to which he would always say, ” Oh that’s such and such.”

Be at peace my friend. And thanks for sharing the journey. You will be greatly missed, but never forgotten!

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