A Day in the Life…Part 51

Winter came back this week with cold and snow flurries. Saturday night two Great Horned owls were really hooting it up in the pine woods just a short distance from the nature center. It’s the beginning of their mating season again.

On Thursday, Nora and I made a pilgrimage of sorts to Chillicothe, Ohio. The purpose of our trip was to visit the final resting place of our founders.


A top a hill near downtown Chillicothe is the aptly named Granview Cemetery. From the top one commands a far reaching view of the surrounding landscape. Centrally located in the cemetery is a simple granite marker.
One one side are the names of Dr. Frank Warner’s parents and who we assume are three sisters. A curious note below his father’s name reads “Buried in Swanton, Vt.”
On the reverse side one finds the names of Dr. Frank Warner and Carmen Hambleton.
Below Dr. Warner the words read: ” Died in Columbus ,Ohio. After A Distinguished Career Devoted to Medicine, Surgery and The Cultural Interests of His Coummunity.”
No such epitaph appears below Carmen. But in a way that seems fitting. As we were walking away, Nora asked what I thought at the time was an unusual question. “Do you feel her here?” I stopped in my tracks and looked back at the marker and said, ” That right she’s right over there.” Nora replied, “But I don’t feel her here…do you?”  No, I did not. It was an odd moment. At that instant the revelation came…Carmen was not here. But we both knew where she was…is. At her beloved Wahkeena.


Although the average visitor might not realize it. Wahkeena is Carmen and Carmen is Wahkeena. What better tribute to a gracious lady who has made this world a more beautiful place for creatures great and small.
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