Winter…we don’t need no stinkin’ winter!

Well, what a real turn a round from last year when we had the winter that would not end. This year it can not seems to stay. The last two days have felt more like late March, early April. In fact, snowdrops are in bloom, today along with periwinkle and the first true native wildflower shunk cabbage, which has been in bloom for a while. Also saw a little green frog hop into one of the small spring fed ponds. No sign of typically early amphibians like wood frogs or spotted salamanders yet as they have not been fooled by this early warm spell. (I just looked out the window and a deer is staring right at me!) I have heard that some men stare at goats, but what happens when you stare at deer????  She has a satisfied look. No doubt because she just laped up all the bird seed from the ground feeder. Also saw a muskrat puttering across the big pond a few moments ago….could not tell if he/she was in love yet. Stay tuned for more of “As the Natural World Turns”


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