The Goose Wars Begin

Each year on or about President’s Day the Canada Geese make there presence known. The early morning hours echo with the honking of incoming flights of geese. While it is still to early to begin mating in our area, it is not too early to seek out a potential nesting ground. And so the battles begin. Geese honking and hissing, flying low across the water in attack mode with necks fully extended. Beating their breasts with great wings saying, this is my pond and I’m not going to share it with other geese like you! This behavior will continue through February and March. And ultimately a dominant pair will emerge victorious. Canada geese typically mate for life and are usually on the nest by last March-early April at the preserve. The lack of a real winter may see an earlier start this year. We will have to wait and see, atfer all the weather is a flickled beast that can turn at a moments notice.


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