Are we done? (plus an orchid update)

This is the question I’ve been asking myself the past few days. I’ve put off writing this new post because I couldn’t think of anything else new that had bloomed! I’ve had to look back as the previous years’ posts to see what else is to come. The answer is, well, not much else that is really showy.

Typically, we call the month of June the month of green and white. This is because many of our flowering shrubs burst forth with white blossoms. It’s really looking like May is going to be “green and white” this year.

Now, having said all that, there is still a lot of color out in the woods right now. We still have lots of orchids to come (more on that later), and a few more showy colorful things that will bloom soon.

Right now, the azaleas are putting on a great show. The Flame Azaleas are just starting to open up their bright fiery orange flowers. Next week will be the time to see them. The Pinxter Azalea and the cultivated ones continue to be in bloom and are beautiful. Also, the cultivated rhododendron is also just starting to bloom. These large magenta flowers are always a treat to see.

We also have to look forward to are the dwarf crested iris, yellow iris, mountain laural, spiderwort, and some of the hawkweeds. Once the spring wildflowers in the woods are done, there are several other neat plants that bloom. They usually bloom more towards the summer, and their look is a little more subtle than their early spring counterparts, but they are neat nonetheless. A few examples would be enchanter’s nightshade, lopseed, and black cohosh.

Okay, onto the subject you have all been waiting for! (I know, I’ve seen how many times last year’s update on PLS was accessed just in the past week!)

The PINK LADY SLIPPER. It is in fact, in bloom. However – there is only one you can view on your own from the trail. This one is just up, and not pink quite yet. There are others that can be seen when on a guided Wildflower Walk. Scroll down to the bottom of the page to see the dates for the next walks.

Alright! That’s all for now, bird activity continues to be very good, and with the warmer weather coming up for next week, we should be seeing some new flowers and butterflies and dragonflies and ferns and…..

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