NOT done yet! (plus ANOTHER orchid update)

Today, I have two lists for you. One will be for the new flowers in bloom, and the other will be for the flowers that are still in bloom.

Also, just like last year, you can see three different species of native orchids in bloom. They are Showy Orchis, Pink Lady’s Slipper, and Puttyroot. I’m not confident that the Showy Orchis will still be in bloom past this weekend, so this 3 for 1 deal is probably only good through this Saturday and Sunday.

Okay, the first list is the NEW flowers:

Flame Azalea
Puttyroot Orchid
Rhododendron (Cultivated)
Highbush Cranberry
Canada Violet
Wild Comfrey
Rattlesnake Weed
Tulip Tree
Mapleleaf Viburnum
Black Locust
Spirea (cultivated)

These are the flower currently in bloom:

Cream Violet
Wild Blue Phlox
Golden Ragwort
Foam Flower
Bishop’s Cap
Wild Geranium
Lily of the Valley
Wild Ginger
Aniseroot/Sweet Cicely
Greek Valerian
Showy Orchis
Pink Lady’s Slipper
Spring Cress
Dog Violet
Japanese Primrose
Common Blue Violet
Solomon’s Seal/Plume
Fleabane spp.
Violet Wood Sorrel
Rubus spp.

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