September Blooms

Thanks to our new fall intern for putting together this week’s list. Most of these flowers were new for her, so she used her trusty Newcomb’s Wildflower Guide to key them out.

Crooked-stem Aster
Flat-topped Aster
Cardinal Flower
Great Blue Lobelia
Obedient Plant
Prairie Dock
Thin-leaved Coneflower
Orange Coneflower
Cup Plant
Whorled Rosinweed
Jewelweed (both)
White Snakeroot
Purple Coneflower
Nodding Smartweed
Arrow-leaved and Halberd-leaved Tearthumb
Swamp Beggar Ticks
Blue Mistflower
False Nettle
Garden Phlox
Queen Ann’s Lace
Water Horehound

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