September Serenity

What a great month September is. Gorgeous, bright, clear blue skies, warm afternoons…what more could one want? This is such a great time of year to experience nature. There are still lots of flowers blooming, insects singing, birds flocking together, and the eagerly awaited fall colors are just starting to come alive. Every week on my drive into and from work, I notice another tree turning some beautiful shade of red, orange, or yellow.  Today while walking along the boardwalk, I noticed the bottom of this maple tree is getting a head start.

There are several new asters in bloom including New England Aster. I won’t lie, asters can be very hard to identify, but we will have the calico and heath asters, crooked stem and purple stem asters, among others. A showy new flower in bloom is the nodding bur marigold. You can see it growing throughout the boardwalk area.

Where ever you are this month, find some nature to enjoy!


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