Another Sign of Spring

So this picture isn’t the greatest, but i wanted to share it with you anyway.
If you look carefully at the center of the photo, you will see two reddish blobs in the shape of hawks. There are two Red-shouldered hawks that have paired up! There has been a lot of calling, and chasing from these guys the past couple of weeks, but it looks like things have been sorted out and mates have been chosen. To hear the call of this bird click here. We’ve never been able to locate the nest of a pair of these birds, but we know that if they aren’t nesting on the preserve property, they are very close by. 
Red-shouldered hawks are common hawks and enjoy habitat in riparian areas. If you haven’t seen our captive Red-shouldered hawk yet, make sure to stop out and check him out. They are strikingly colored, and a treat to see up-close. 
We’ll be open in less than two weeks! Opening day is March 19th!

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