The Arrival of Spring

Tomorrow is the official start of Spring. How fitting that several new spring heralding things are happening at Wahkeena!
Most notably, today is our first open day of the 2014 season! Yea! It’s a bit of a soggy start, but much better than say the opening day of 2011. Check out what that day was like here
Spring signs abound today despite the cool, wet weather. A Pine Warbler is singing and so is a Phoebe. Many of our resident birds like the Chickadees, Titmice, Song Sparrows, and Cardinals are also singing songs of love and territory. Also singing for the first time this spring are…Wood Frogs! A sure sign that spring is here. 
The Goose Wars are beginning to heat up. This afternoon, even the male Mallard got involved. During a lull in the honking and posturing a muskrat swam across the pond. 
Will we have salamander activity tonight or later this week? Don’t know for sure, but we hope so! Salamanders are a sure sign of spring!

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